VIP Loyalty Program
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Welcome to the Ruby Vegas VIP Loyalty Program. Get ready to be royally rewarded with shiny "Ruby Loyalty Points", as you are promoted within the Ruby VIP family!

These "Ruby Loyalty Points" can be exchanged for various prizes, including free spins and cash bonuses.

Starting at Level 1 your journey begins as the popular "Knight Ruby" - the starting base level of the Ruby VIP family.

Completion of Level 1 allows you to be given the title of "Lord Ruby" in Level 2, and you will win further rewards!

As you accumulate more "Ruby Loyalty Points" you progress through all the levels from 1 to 9, and your title increases in status with each level, reflecting your achievements on the slots, and the rewards that you unlock. 

Completion of Level 9 is the finale! You are then crowned the King or Queen of the Ruby VIP Family! 

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